The Development of Western Sydney Airport

The Development of Western Sydney Airport

15 May 11:00 by


Last week the Turnbull Government announced that it would be providing an additional $5.3 billion over 10 years to build the Western Sydney Airport.

Following Sydney Airport’s decision not to build and operate the Western Sydney Airport, the Australian Government announced that it would step up to take over the project with the assistance of ICE Solutions.

Due to begin operations in 2026, the new airport is predicted to be a major generator of economic activity, from job opportunities to affordable housing.

1. Job Growth

Job growth will initially be generated through the construction activities related to the Airport’s development, and the development of local businesses that will be developed in response to the Airport.

In addition to the airport itself, there are several business initiatives that will be developed in conjunction with the airport, including the business park, public transport services, affordable housing schemes etc. all of which will drive employment opportunities for the area.

Upon completion, it is estimated that the Airport will produce an extra 57,000 jobs in the next 30 years, and will continue to grow to an estimated 200,000 as the Greater Western Sydney region continues to grow and develop.

2. Businesses

The development of the business park will offer low cost option for companies both in the CBD and the Western Sydney region. The location will be especially ideal for companies servicing the South Western areas, and the proximity to the new Airport will ensure businesses are able to service national and international clients easily.

The business park will also provide opportunities for graduates from nearby tertiary educational facilities, promoting future job growth and opportunities in area for the next generation of professionals.

3. Affordable Housing

With the Greater Sydney Region facing a persistent and increasingly problematic housing crisis, the Government has announced plans for several initiatives related to the Airport project, which are aimed at addressing this crisis.

ICE Solutions – the company tasked with outlining an implementable strategy for the new Airport – has proposed a stock of housing be provided alongside the Airport as part of the overall development.

There will be a range of housing sizes; some will be standard private rentals offered at market rates, others will be subsidised housing for airport employees on low income wages. The remaining housing will be managed by a not for profit organisation set up by the Airport, aimed at breaking the cycle of homelessness in Western Sydney. This program will be supplemented be training programs provided by nearby tertiary institutions, aimed at teaching much needed employable skills.

4. Transport

Convenient transport links between the Airport, business park, convention centre, and surrounding areas is integral to its success and sustainability. Convenience relies upon minimal travel times, flexibility, sustainability, and the opportunity for it to grow with the ongoing development of the Airport and surrounding areas.

ICE Solutions has proposed a number of transport solutions to address the growing travel needs of the Western Sydney region, including a helipad, a number of new bus networks (including environmentally sustainable options such as electric buses), as well as a new train network, which will include the construction of several new railway stations across Western Sydney. The plan also includes plans for affordable transport, to ensure that the people in the area have ongoing access to multiple convenient transport options.

So what does all of this mean?

The construction of the Western Sydney Airport means that things in this area are going to start changing rapidly. The jobs produced, the predicted explosion of businesses, and the increased convenience for the Western Sydney population means this area is going to quickly become a thriving region to rival the crowded hub of the Sydney CBD.